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Test Instructions

Microphone Preamp: Male Rap Vocal
Equalizer: Mix Buss Rock
Equalizer: Mix Buss Latin
Equalizer Mix Buss Hip Hop
Equalizer: Female Vocals
Equalizer: Male Vocals
Compressor: Male Rapper
Comressor: Female Vocals
Compressor: Male Vocals
Compressor: Drumbus
Compressor: Mixbuss (Light)
Microphone Preamp: Acoustic Guitar
Microphone Preamp: Guitar Electric
Microphone Preamp: Bass
Microphone Preamp: Female Vocal
Microphone Preamp: Male Vocal
Converter: Loopback
  1. Download file and import into your daw
  2. Plug output of interface into an input
  3. Set up tone generator at -20db on that track and calibrate another input to receive -20db
  4. Record this signal, out of interface ->back in on new track
  5. Move newly recorded audio file to original track
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, 49 more times.
  7. Submit your results!
Attachments: Original_02.wav
Monitors: Rock
Monitors: Latin
Monitors: Hip Hop
Microphone: Drum Set
Microphone: Kick Drum
Microphone: Bass guitar
Microphone: Acoustic Guitar
Microphone: Guitar Cabinet
Microphone: Female Singer
Microphone: Male Singer
Microphone: Female Rapper
Microphone: Male Rapper
Microphone: Female
Microphone: Male

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